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30 Years of Growth

Medmark Insurance Brokerage is a full-fledged insurance brokerage, offering a wide range

of personal and general insurance solutions to individuals and families as well as companies and organizations in Egypt. With over 30 years of experience, our specialty lies in the intensive service-focused medical insurance and assistance fields. Developing our know-how over the years, we offer all lines of insurance solutions in the market supported by a 360-degree portfolio management service to our individual and corporate clients.

We are a leading full-fledged insurance brokerage and advisory firm representing a variety of insurance brands

We have maintained our position as one of the largest Bupa Global distributor worldwide, winning a total of 9 Bupa Top Distributor awards over the years. Medmark extended its services in 2011 to become one of Egypt’s largest fully-fledged insurance brokerage and advisory firm offering a diverse range of service lines to its customers within an extensive house of brands. Changing the lives of thousands of families and corporations over the past three decades, Medmark provides a lifetime of support with an unparalleled advisory understanding that best serves its individual consumers and businesses.
Medmark is headquartered in Cairo and has branches in Heliopolis and Alexandria.
Medmark Insurance Brokerage is registered in the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority under number 26

We are here to improve
your quality of life

Customer Focus

At Medmark, we understand the importance of building long-term relationships with our clients, the foundation of our corporation. We continuously explore innovative methods to develop and tailor coverage to meet our client requests and their ever-evolving business needs.
Our highly trained and motivated consultants are your personal advisors and are always ready to deliver the right solution for your needs every step of the way.

Integrity. Care. Excellence. Stronger Together

At Medmark, we are a business entity of organized, thoughtful, and meticulous professionals that you can rely on.
Our relationships with our clients are truthful and fair with an obligation to sustain a high standard of distinction in all that we offer, establishing a secure relationship of mutual trust. We continually strive to go the extra mile to surpass your expectations irrespective of how customized your requirements are.
We pride ourselves on abiding by our corporate values:
Integrity: Governs everything we do
Care: Taking ownership of customer concerns
Excellence: Going the extra mile
Stronger Together: The belief that teamwork is the cornerstone of success


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Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for our clients in Egypt and overseas by providing them with superior insurance and assistance solutions.

Our products must always be market-leading solutions that offer the client peace of mind through reliability, excellent customer service, and value for money.

All our activities with clients, partners, providers, governing bodies, and the community around us must be driven by a long-term vision that allows us to continue serving our customers and supporting our employees.

Our daily activities must always be guided by our corporate values.

Our Vision

To be the home of personal and corporate insurance solutions in Egypt and the MENA region, offering an extended range of insurance products spanning both personal and general insurance needs.

To be recognized for our integrity and transparency. To offer market-leading solutions and add value with our expertise and consultative support and high quality personalized servicing.

To be an integral part of the community, building strong and lasting relationships with clients and affiliates based on a partnership approach.

To be an employer of choice for ambitious high-caliber individuals who believe in themselves and their work.

Our Clients Testimonials

  • Omar Hikal
    I wanted to summarize our story to underscore the importance of the Medmark team in creating what turned out to be an unexpectedly happy ending.
    Omar Hikal
    Member since 2004
  • Rady W. Fahmy
    Medmark's staff felt like family. It felt like they were as concerned as us, they reacted as a family would react, with care and swiftness. Kindly send my regards to our "family" at Medmark
    Rady W. Fahmy
    Member since 1994
  • Mounir Awad
    To be honest, my experience with Bupa and Medmark was exceptionally good. I got coverage for all the money I spent and they covered the rest directly with the hospital
    Mounir Awad
    Member since 2005
  • Mamdouh Abul Jubien
    I am not exaggerating when I say that all of you are a model to follow in your professionalism and commitment
    Mamdouh Abul Jubien
    Member since 2007
  • Andy Swordy
    I would not hesitate to recommend BUPA International to other expatriate employers.
    Andy Swordy
    Member since 1998
  • Mahmoud Ahmed
    I felt it is necessary to shed some light upon people who are doing their utmost to provide the best medical services
    Mahmoud Ahmed
    Member since 2002
  • Omar Ozalp
    "My family and I have been Bupa members through Medmark for 2 years and I continue to be extremely impressed by your professionalism"
    Omar Ozalp
    Member since 2008

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